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Le Lectier Cultivation

 This field is located in Shirane, Niigata Prefecture. I have been commissioned to research the effects of certain biostimulant on Le Lectier. Can you hear the sound of cicadas and bell crickets? While I'm working, the music of the insects is very pleasant, but it is so hot that it makes me think that summer is not yet over.

 During the installation of sensors at the test site in Niigata, something exciting happened. Mr. Abe(center in this pic) is a fruit farmer in Niigata, who saw my talk video at TEDxUTokyo(sorry it's just in Japanese) four years ago, saw the post on Facebook and contacted me to meet with me. It was great to hear him say that he was encouraged by my talk. He cultivates five hectares of wine grapes in the immediate vicinity of this test site. He is the 14th generation of a very ambitious farmer. His ancestors are from a family that wrote a book on pear cultivating techniques during the Edo period. The owner of the test site was also very energetic and very respectful. I'm sure we can try something new together in the future!

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