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Brand new film type is able to change the plant science.

Kazuhiro Nishioka


We are proud to announce the birth of our new sap flow sensor!

With the help of Nippon Mektron and its parent company, NOK, we have completed the first mass production of thin-film sap flow sensors. With the help of Nippon Mektron and its parent company, NOK, we have completed the first mass production of thin-film type sap flow sensor. There are still some parts that are not in the realm of engineering samples, but unlike the conventional thermopile type, we have four size variations (more sizes will be added). By using a thermistor as the thermal sensor, sap flow can now be monitored using a Tiny microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi as a data logger!

Sap flow sensor is one of the minor sensor in plant science. Almost academist doesn't know the stethoscope for plants in global yet. Sap flow sensor has a valuable function to detect physiological condition directly, however, this sensor has not become more popular than expected due to its high system cost and complicated handling.

Conventional sap flow sensor has manufactured in last 30 years in academic market. This was the reason why the price of the sensor harness alone did not drop. Since researchers are sometimes highly funded by the government, sensor manufacturers have not had to lower their costs. It's embedded tiny three thermopiles around a thin film heater by hand with high level processing skills of craftsman, but less clearance than general industrial products. User was forced to use the high end data logger include accurate ADC to measure the feeble output in micro volt level, then the system costs could be further inflated.

Whereas, it's no so easy to get noise-free signals for each sensor to calculate accurate sap flow rates, because of difficulty to implement the fitness between the cylindrical sensor and non-cylindrical plant stem/shoot with un-smooth surface. In order to improve the usability of the sap flow sensors and to make them more widespread, it was necessary to reduce the cost and to review the structure of the sensors.

We have witnessed the accelerated evolution of Internet technologies for the past 20 years, and the Makers 2.0 trend, driven by the IT boom, has continued for the past 10 years. Humanity has acquired many tools to advance to a new stage. I believe that sap flow sensors can play a role in this trend. So, pick up the new sap flow sensor and join us in building a new relationship between plants and humanity!



Nippon Mektron社とその親会社であるNOK社の助力により、薄膜型樹液流センサの量産第1弾が完了しました。まだエンジニアサンプルの域を出ていない部分はありますが、従来の熱電堆タイプと異なり、サイズバリエーションも4種類そろえています(順次サイズバリエーションは増やします)。温度センサをサーミスタ化したことにより、ArduinoやRaspberry PiなどのTiny マイコンをデータロガーとして樹液流量を測れるようになりました!

樹液流センサは、植物科学の中でもマイナーなセンサの一つです。世界的に見ても、植物用聴診器の存在はほとんど知られていません。 樹液流量センサは、生理状態を直接検出することができる貴重なセンサですが、システムコストが高く、取り扱いが煩雑であることから、期待されたほど普及していないのが現状です。




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